Why do you write film music? What inspires you?

There is something magical about the process of creating a movie. When creating music on a movie, I can be a creative nut, part of something bigger.

What are the biggest challenges for this job?

The biggest challenge is to press the right “keys” in the right places.

What is good film music for you?

Good filmmusic is the one that supports the content of the film, but also creates an additional dimension without which the film would not survive.

Please give examples of good movie music.

From Estonian films I like Veljo Tormis’s music for the movie “The Spring”or Sven Grünberg’s music for “Lotte from Gadgetville” . His music creates homely  and warm feel. I like many composers and their work: Hans Zimmer, Thomas Newman, Clint Mansell etc There would be no “Star Wars” without John Williams’s music.

Music has many functions.  It’s a great way to help tell the story and lead emotions. But music can be also a whole separate world.  Music can comment, illustrate, create links between characters and places, create atmospheres, emotions, refer to geographic location, time period, social group, connect scenes, manipulate time and space, create situations and flaws, parody, connect viewers.

What or who influenced you musically?

It is said that the musical taste shapes itself at the age of 14-24. I have been musically influenced by the culture I live in.  In my case, from “MacGyver” to 9/11


Arian Levin is a composer, musician, and producer. He has written music for multiple genres: theater and dance, radio and tv.  His work is a creative hybrid, combining traditional songwriting with electronic sounds and sound design.

As an artist, he has performed and recorded with popular Estonian bands such as Def Räädu and Hõbeniit.

He also writes music for music libraries.